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2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058*

2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058*


Limited to only 2000 sets, and sold out within the first few hours, these 12-note matching 2003 $2 Premium Star Sets are considered a preeminent favorite of collectors.

A matching 12 note set of low numbered $2 Stars is guaranteed to get collectors excited. Sure enough,... collectors were on this like white on rice.

Anticipating strong demand and recognizing the inherent value in the low 2-digit sets, the BEP, with an eye-towards equitable distribution and fairness, instituted a lottery drawing for sets from #1 to #99. Your odds in the drawing depended on the number of sets you had purchased; the more sets you had purchased the better your chances in the drawing.

Once issued, prices for the lottery-only sets quickly rose to the $2500 plus price level, but that did little to quench collectors’ thirst. Most of these sets quickly found permanent homes in prominent collections or were broken-up for the purpose of re-selling the notes individually.

As a result, it is rare to find an intact 2-digit set in today’s marketplace.

Offered here is a beautiful and completely original set. Truly, an exceptional acquisition for the discriminating collector.

2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058* 2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058* 2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058* 2003 $2 Premium Set - 00000058*

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