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1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note

1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note

Price: $75

Seldom seen, these Series 1999 $5 Deluxe Notes were issued with serial numbers below 5000. Offered for sale by the BEP over the 2001 Holiday Season, these sold out many moons ago.

Beautifully designed, the note is housed in an informative and striking inner folder that slides into an outer folder, providing another layer of both protection and craftsmanship.

The folder highlights the new security features of this note, including a ‘watermark, microprinting, security thread, and fine line printing’. In effect, this represents the early stages of the ‘‘Currency Arms Race”, as our government responded to the sophisticated challenges from a new generation of high tech counterfeiters.

A wonderful example of history in motion, it is also an integral part of the Deluxe Note Group that also includes the 1999 $10 Deluxe Note Set and the 1996 $20 Deluxe Single Note.

We currently have available for your consideration the following selections, priced at a modest $75 per note:



A great note, part of a wonderful group, still available at a most reasonable price.

1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note 1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note 1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note 1999 $5 Deluxe Single Note

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