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1999 $1 - Lucky 7s

1999 $1 - Lucky 7s

A great note to bring with you to Vegas, the Lucky 7s note is the only one from the Lucky Money / Prosperity Collection issued without an Asian connection.

These notes all begin with at least three 7s and are housed in a colorful folder that states, “You can’t get any luckier than that!”

Well, actually you can, because the Lucky 7 notes featured here start with four 7s and for collectors that is definitely a more favorable outcome.

Fo your collecting pleasure we offer the following rarely spotted fancy Lucky 7s:

D77778979B Price $125

and its brethren stating with four 7s priced at $60 each:


As far as Vegas, you can go without your Lucky 7s note, but is that really a wise decision?

Either way, GOOD LUCK!!!

1999 $1 - Lucky 7s 1999 $1 - Lucky 7s 1999 $1 - Lucky 7s

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