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2003 $1 - Lucky Money

2003 $1 - Lucky Money

The description from the BEP speaks for itself,” In many Asian communities, the number 8 means wealth and prosperity. May this lucky money bring you success and good fortune.”

The Roman philosopher Seneca is famous for saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Well my friends, here’s a great opportunity to acquire some of the finest 2003 $1 Lucky Money notes available anywhere, so we would suggest one be prepared to act promptly.

For your consideration are the following:

F88888858H Price: $175

F88888860H Price: $125

F88888870H Price: $125

F88888822H Price: $125

Personally, I’d rather be smart than lucky, but so far it hasn’t worked out that way.

The note shown below is for illustrative purposes.

2003 $1 - Lucky Money 2003 $1 - Lucky Money 2003 $1 - Lucky Money 2003 $1 - Lucky Money

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