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1999 $1 - Lucky Money

1999 $1 - Lucky Money

It is the lucky few who having placed an order with the BEP are fortunate enough to have the nicer serial numbers turn-up in their mailboxes.

Even though our mailbox is far from blessed, it has been the happy recipient of many a note seeking a second home. As such we are able to offer you many special notes that often went unappreciated at their original destination.

As the saying goes,“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, whatever that means…

Anyway, we are pleased to have the following tough to find low-numbered 1999 $1 Lucky Money notes available for your collecting pleasure:

A88880234E Price: $100

A88880201E Price: $75

A88880202E Price: $75

A88880231E Price: $50

A88880232E Price: $50

A88880233E Price: $50

1999 $1 - Lucky Money 1999 $1 - Lucky Money 1999 $1 - Lucky Money 1999 $1 - Lucky Money

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