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1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets

1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets

Price: $195

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind offering that is sold-out at the BEP. What sets this issue apart is:

It is the ONLY source for the 1995 $5 HD, HE, HF, HG, HH, HI, HJ, and HK blocks. No other notes from these blocks were issued for commerce or to collectors by the BEP.

In addition, this issue is strictly limited to a total of only 1125 sheets per block. Each full sheet consists of 8 notes. They were issued exclusively by the St Louis District (represented by the ‘H’ suffix), resulting in a maximum of only 9,000 notes per block.

Since St Louis is the 8th District, the result is a unique group of 8 separate blocks from the 8th District with each note hosting a minimum of twelve 8s (a minimum of 4 in each serial number, 8888xxxx, and 4 more representing the St Louis District). To add even further appeal, these are the only fancy $5 currency sheets ever issued by the BEP.

These sheets were marketed extensively to the overseas Asian communities. As a result, certain blocks, particularly the HF and HG blocks, are extremely difficult to locate in the United States.

The Standard Guide to U.S. Small-Size U.S. Paper Money, considered by many to be the small-size collector’s bible, gives just a passing mention of these blocks. The Guide does list the common HA to HC blocks in normal fashion, but fails to individually list the HD to HK blocks. It appears that the authors don’t know quite what to make of these.

In contrast the Guide does list individually other limited issue sheets, such as the 2004A $10 Atlanta GF Star. The 2004A Atlanta $10 GF* was also issued strictly in sheets and has a similar small production run of 9600 notes. They are priced in the Guide at $200 per Note in CU condition (and presently sell in the $300 range for CU-68 and up notes).

Fortunately (no pun intended), the recently issued Collector’s Guide to Modern Federal Reserve Notes does list the $5 Prosperity Sheets (on page 308). The pricing is listed as per note, and is as follows: $85 per note for the HD, HE, HH, HI HJ and HK blocks and $150 per note for the HF and HG blocks.

You do the math. We were able to acquire a group of these early-on and are pleased to pass along the savings.

Please call or e-mail us for details regarding the sheets we currently have in stock. At a price of $195 per 8-note Sheet, these are likely one of the best values available across the universe of collectible currency.

The H88880001J sheet shown here is for illustrative purposes only.

1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets 1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets 1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets 1995 $5 8888 Prosperity Eight-Note Sheets

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