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2004 $20 EL30443044G - Repeater

2004 $20 EL30443044G - Repeater

Price: $35

What a great feeling,... finding a fancy repeater serial number in circulation. A good friend came across this note and now examines every single piece of currency he can. All we can say is,“Welcome to the Club”.

Of course, for those involved in medical research the number 3044 has special meaning. That is the number the National Institute of Health has assigned to the manual outlining specific safety steps for those working with non-human primates. An example of a non-human primate would be a monkey or a rowdy soccer fan.

This is serious stuff. An initial review of the manual shows separate and distinct safety guidelines for Awake procedures, which indicates that separate precautions are required even when they (the non-human primates) are sleeping. (Clearly, you don’t want to mess with Bongo when he’s napping.)

Anyway, here’s a swell note from a swell guy. No need to be a non-human primate researcher to want to own a nice $20 repeater that reminds you to ‘Be Careful Out There’.

As for the note itself, it grades VF with nice borders and edges and excellent color.

BTW, would someone please pass the bananas?

(Just be careful not to wake Bongo.)

2004 $20 EL30443044G - Repeater 2004 $20 EL30443044G - Repeater 2004 $20 EL30443044G - Repeater

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