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2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set

2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set


The following paragraph is the official description from the BEP of the 2011 Single Note Collection.

“Celebrate the year 2011 by participating in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s 2011 $2 Single Note Collection. Limited to 2,000 sets worldwide, this collection features one Series 2003A $2 note from each of the nine available Federal Reserve Banks (New York, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco). Each note features a serial number beginning with “2011xxxxD” and is protected by a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve in an attractive folder representative of the corresponding Federal Reserve District.”

A limit of 3 sets per household for the nine-note collection was implemented during the pre-release period of March 1 – 14, 2011. As a result, these sets were widely dispersed, leading to few if any secondary market sources.

It took only a few weeks before a complete sell-out. As such, these notes are no longer available from the BEP.

It is also worth noting that these notes were sold individually, so the net number of complete sets sold was likely closer to 1600, since individual sales reduced the number of complete sets available. In effect, 2,000 sets were printed, but the sale of individual notes (which were drawn from the original 2,000 sets) resulted in the issuance of fewer complete sets.

The 2011 Collection reflects the fewest notes issued by far for any of the $2 Single Note Collections. The next closest is 6,000 sets issued for the 2009 Collection.

Another interesting twist per the BEP is that, “Customers who purchase the 2011 $2 Single Note Collection during the pre-release period will be entered into a drawing for the opportunity to purchase one note of the very limited remaining districts: Boston, Philadelphia and Cleveland. Less than 150 total notes from these three districts with serial numbers beginning with “2011xxxxD” will be released through this drawing.”

In effect, the possibility of securing a complete 12 Note set exists.

We currently have available one complete nine-note set.

The serial numbers are:

New York: B20111734D

Richmond: E20111741D

Atlanta: F20111573D

Chicago: G20111056D

St. Louis: H20110648D

Minneapolis: I20116514D

Kansas City: J20119861D

Dallas: K20111630D

San Francisco: L20110698D

As a result of such a fast sell-out, we may never see any $2 Single Notes offered in such a limited number (only 2,000 notes per Federal Reserve District) again. Thus, it seems fair to conclude that the 2011 $2 Single Note Collection will likely remain the scarcest of the $2 Single Note Collections not only now, but in the future (as new Annual Sets are issued.)

And as the BEP mentioned at the top of the hour, what a great way to Celebrate 2011!

These notes are priced per 9-note set. The note shown below is for illustrative purposes only,....darn it.

2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set 2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set 2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set 2011 $2 Single Notes Collection - 9 Note Set

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