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2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU

2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU


Out of a total of approximately 12,500 2003 $2 star notes issued for each of the 12 Federal Reserve District, only 1 Note (one from each of the 12 Districts) was issued as a Five Digit Solid.

Since no other higher-numbered 5-digit solids, such as 00022222* notes, were ever printed, #00011111* is the only Five Digit Solid available.

Compare these one-and-only 12 notes to the highly sought-after 4-digit solids (i.e.,0000xxxx), of which 108 exist and the true rarity of the note offered here, which is 9 times rarer than a 4-digit solid, becomes clearly evident.

With the 4-digit solids (i.e.,H00006666*) generally selling in the $350-$600 range, with one recently selling on eBay for over $800, this F00011111* represents a rare opportunity and a compelling value.

If you are looking to acquire the rarest of the 2003 $2 Single Star Notes, this note is for you.

2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU 2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU 2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU 2003 $2 Atlanta Star #F00011111* - CU

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